Sunday, March 27, 2016

Subscription Box Sunday - White Willow Subscription Box Coming in April

Hello Vancity Girlfriends,

We have a surprise for you coming up in April!  We have ordered a Canadian lifestyle and beauty box called White Willow Box.  Sometimes, it is nice to treat yourself and the best part about the subscription box is that I don't know what is coming so it is a surprise for me too.  

Okay, I might have told a little white lie.  I did see on the White Willow sneak peak that there will be a pair of pearl earring which drew me to the April box.  We gifted ourselves a box.  So what does it mean to "gift" a box?  That means that instead of a recurring subscription that you have to cancel if you want to stop, you just order a one time box for one month.  Gifting a box is more expensive but overall it is still under $50 for the box and shipping.  

We paid $40 + $8.50 for shipping in Canada which equals $48.50.  
Compared with a month to month subscription which is $35 + $8.50 = $43.50.

White Willow will have 4-5 products in each box.  I know pearl earring will be one.  Can't wait for the White Willow Subscription Box to arrive to see what else is inside.  

Curious?  White Willow Website:

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