Monday, March 28, 2016

Vancouver Restaurant - Kobe Japanese Steakhouse

Hello Vancity Girlfriends,

I have a few friends who I try to meet once a month for a mini-reunion and we usually go out to a restaurant close by in Burnaby.  This time was different, we wanted to use a coupon since I love my Entertainment Book and Groupons.  I asked my friend what type of food he wanted to eat, he replied Japanese food.  

Yikes!  I could not find any Japanese food coupons in the Entertainment book except for teppanaki because it is more expensive.  I happened to stumble upon a Groupon for Kobe Japanese Steakhouse that was $69 for dinner for 2 people.  Even though there are 3 of us, I figured we could easily add another dinner to the mix.  I had Groupon credit so that was even better.  

We met downtown at Kobe Japanese Steakhouse.  My friend who arrived 30 minutes early was able to relax downstairs in the lounge.  When the whole party arrived we went upstairs to the restaurant where the chefs were set up with a grill in front of the customers and were doing their cooking show.  When you go for dinner at Kobe Steakhouse it is entertainment as well.  There was a couple celebrating a birthday at the same station as us so the chef made an onion birthday "cake" that was a "flame".  WOW!  The chef was a lot of fun and I was mesmerized just watching him cook the food and wondering what cooking trick he had up his sleeve next.

Now that being said, it is a noisy place so not the time to catch up on lengthy stories.  But if you want a dinner that has entertainment entwined all in one, then Kobe Japanese Steakhouse is the place to go.  I would totally buy a Groupon again after knowing the fabulous deal it was.  I loved the steak, tiger prawns, shrimp, and vegetables (the chicken was my least favorite).  Our Groupon had the Emperor's Feast so we got to try a little bit of everything.  Also we were able to split everything between the three of us which was nice.  

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