Thursday, June 23, 2016

Vancouver Restaurant - Big Smoke Burgers at Simon Fraser Univercity

This year a new burger joint arrived on top of Burnaby Mountain at Simon Fraser University campus.  That was Big Smoke Burgers - Hand Crafted Burgers.  University students must like burgers to have a specialized burger joint at Cornerstone right by the bus loop.  It is a spacious restaurant and a fast food ordering.  They have hand crafted burgers and beer.  

The menu has an assortment of specialty burgers from chicken, veggie, beef, and lamb.  Sides include onion rings, fries, poutine, or a side salad.  Combos are the obvious option where you can have your burger of choice, a side (exclusive of the green salad) and a drink of water, Boylan's soda, or a fountain drink.  

I decided to try the lamb burger with jalapeno harvarti cheese and mushrooms.  Delicious!  It is nice to be able to create your own burger and choose onion rings to go with it.  It's an affordable option to hang out with friends at SFU.  

Now I wouldn't be able to have a burger and onion rings everyday but on the odd occasion with friends, it sis a nice treat and a winning combination.  

Big Smoke Burgers Menu:

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