Sunday, July 17, 2016

Vancouver Foodie Event: Tasting Plates Fraserhood

We are so excited because on Wednesday, July 20, 2016 we are going to Tasting Plates Fraserhood.  It has been so long since I last attended a Tasting Plate adventure.  You can read about my tasting journey from last year with Tasting Plates New Westminister, and Tasting Plates Cambie Village.  

So what is Tasting Plates?  It is a foodie adventure.  There are usually six different types of restaurants, bakeries, and this case even a juicery that joins the adventure.  First is the registration where you pick up the tasting plates card that you bring to each restaurant.  The restaurant will have essentially a "tasting plate" for you so you can try different food from six different places.  

I was pretty excited with Fraserhood because of some of the familiar places that will be in the adventure such as Commodity Juice, and Straight Outta Brooklyn Pizzeria.  The full details of who is included is here:  Tasting Plates Fraserhood.

Now when I buy the early bird tickets for Tasting Plates each adventure is about $32 which is a real steal for being able to try different drinks, food, dessert and have a walking adventure in a new neighbourhood while you are at it.  

Follow Vancity Girlfriends on Twitter as we sample away and see the pictures.  Afterwards I'll blog so come back to see the foodie photos.  Then you can decide if you want to do Tasting Plates Westend which is the next food adventure that has been announced by Tasting Plates.  These are tons of fun and I'm so happy I get to go on Tasting Plates Fraserhood with my Vancity Girlfriend!  

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