Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Vancouver Foodie Event - Tasting Plates Fraserhood Recap

Hello Everyone!

Last Sunday I talked about Tasting Plates Fraserhood so I wanted to recap for everyone how Tasting Plates Fraserhood went.  There are a few things that consistently happen to me when I am so exciting about having a Tasting Plates event in the evening.  I try hard to remember to charge my phone, however, I was not successful at remembering.  Luckily I was with Carolyn whose reliable iPhone takes amazing photos and I have those to share with you today.  It was a sunny evening perfect for walking around and trying different types of restaurants and smoothies.  Let's take a look at our journey.

1.  Main Street Honey Shoppe - Since this was the registration, it was pretty busy and packed but we were able to find the appetizer honey treat and then move towards the next stop.  

2.  Nanno's Estiatoria Greek Restaurant - This was a nice start for dinner with the spanikopita, grilled octopus and beef noodle.  The octopus by far was everyone's favourite.  

3.  Commodity Juicery - There was one fellow making the different smoothies and iced tea for everyone to try.  The smoothies have unique flavours that are filling and delicious.  Makes my banana berry smoothies so old school and boring.  Golden Mylkshake is worth a try.  Check out their menu here:  http://commodityjuicery.com/menu/

4.  Brooklyn New York Pizzeria - New York style pizza that is foldable.  I had the spicy, margarita and white.  In the photo is the white and pepperoni.

5-6.  Fairy Cakes and Chomper - Joint venture of vegan food and desserts.  Points for presentation.


  1. i havent heard of or been to any of these places yet. need to change this.

    1. You still have time for Tasting Plates West End in August for the earlybird. They are fun to try new restaurants and walk around a new neighbourhood in Vancouver. https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/tasting-plates-westend-tickets-26519948881