Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Travel Tuesday - Melia Peninsula Varadero in Cuba

Vancity Girlfriend Carolyn went to Cuba with her family and I thought it would be great to interview her about her international travel experience.  I've never been to Cuba, only Mexico, so it is nice to hear about Cuba to see if it is a place I would want to explore.  She stayed at Melia Peninsula Resort in Varadero Cuba.  

What was the best part about Cuba?

It was our first official family vacation.  The weather, beaches and original Cuban culture. 

What is the Cuban culture like?

It is like going back in time to 1950s.  There is no technology, no debit machines, no brand names.  They have old cars.  There is a Cuban artwork and street performers as a part of the culture.  

Was the Melia Peninsula Resort kid-friendly?

My son Toby liked the kids pool.  It was a resort pool dedicated to children with a waterslide, water castle and more.  They also have a Kids Club where they have babysitting service and a BBQ food in the kids area.  

Do you have any tips for people traveling to Cuba?

With your money bring Canadian money to exchange to Cuban dollars when you arrive, but don't forget to exchange the Cuban dollars back to Canadian before you leave Cuba.  In Canada the money exchanges do not take Cuban dollars.

Which do you prefer, Cuba or Mexico, and why?

Mexico for sure.  It has friendlier and better customer service.

Check out the video on our channel of the Melia Peninsula Resort in Cuba.  

For those who are curious about Mexico, you can read more on our previous post where I interviewed her about her Mexican vacation:  Iberostar Playa Mita 

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