Thursday, September 01, 2016

Vancouver Coffee Shop - Platform 7

Platform 7 is not your regular brand name coffee shop.  Instead when I first walked in, I thought I was taken to London England and brought into the Harry Potter set.  The decor is that of a train station and it is mesmerizing.  Then the menu is amazingly difficult to follow because there are so many different choices.  I decided to try something new and ordered a Shakerato.  

It was an elegant iced drink served in a martini glass.  It was essentially a coffee cocktail.  A shot of espresso chilled and shaken with ice and  I think they mentioned there was a fruit mix but I'm not sure.   lounge.  The coffee cocktail did give me a bit of a buzz.   Platform 7 had almost like a lounge feeling.  London England train station to be more exact.  A few times, I had to double check and say "Is this not Harry Potter?"  "No, that's Platform 9 and 3/4".  

Either way, it's worth checking out:  Platform 7 Website

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