Thursday, August 25, 2016

Vancouver Park - Everett Crowley Park

In the summer, it is nice to go out for an evening stroll in the park after dinner especially since it is cooler in the evenings and it stays light longer so it's nice to take advantage of that before the dark winters.

Vancouver has a lot of different parks and there is a hidden gem called Everett Crowley Park.  It is like having a forest and the feeling of being in a small town in this park.  There is a lake where you can call the ducks if you have the right quacking sound, then suddenly ducks and baby ducks will start to appear.  They will come up close if you have bird seed.  Otherwise you can admire them from afar.

In the same lake I saw a Blue Heron just standing still enjoying the peace.  The scenery of the lake and the reflection of the trees is beautiful.  That is what nature is all about, taking a step back from the bustle of the city and being able to relax and breathe even if it is just for a minute.  

As you walk along the trails, you will find forest flower gardens, nice open green spaces, and even a bee hive.  

Even though it is a short walk, it is beautiful and quite serene.  

Find out more about the Everett Crowley walking trails at the Vancouver Parks website here:

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