Sunday, August 07, 2016

Vancouver Restaurant: CHAU Veggie Express

I decided to do a lunch exchange with a friend at work.  I made Hong Kong Chicken Curry and love sharing it since my husband doesn't eat or like curry flavored foods at all.  Anyways, my Vietnamese friend said that she would make a Vietnamese lunch on Friday.  Or that's what I heard.  

CHAU Veggie Express
What she really intended was to take me to a vegetarian, vegan, Vietnamese restaurant on Victoria Drive in Vancouver called CHAU Veggie Express for DINNER.  Ohhh, what confusion but once I walked into CHAU Veggie Express it made all of the miscommunication and confusion worth it.  

CHAU Veggie Express is a hidden gem on Victoria Drive.  It's unexpected and it has a colourful menu full of vegetables.  It felt like a Vietnamese fusion vegetarian meal.  It was difficult to decide which of the creations to try.  The menu is simple and colourful and when you are ready, you pay at the counter.  Then your food arrives and is full of colour and makes me want to cook more vegetarian meals (culinary art I should say) at home.  CHAU Veggie Express if a fresh taste on Vietnamese food and I would return to try more.  It is very reasonable and I would love to try to copy the idea of Vietnamese Vegetarian food at home.  Light and fresh and filling.  Yummy!

Rickety Rickshaw Bowl with Tofu and Egg

Non La Spring Rolls

Red Sand Dunes Soup

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