Saturday, August 20, 2016

Vancouver Restaurant - Hai Phong Vietnamese Restaurant

I love trying new foods, and it is a bonus to discover a restaurant with a Vietnamese friend who knows exactly what to order.  As an adventurous foodie, I easily leave the ordering to someone who has been to the restaurant before.

So what did we order?  We ordered the Vietnamese pancake which is filled with bean sprouts, shrimp and served with lettuce and basil and the special sauce.  Originally when we ordered a pancake, I thought it would be like Korean or Chinese pancakes where it is served on a dish and you just cut it up in pieces to eat.  With a Vietnamese pancake it looks more like an omelette and the special way to eat it is to take a piece of lettuce and wrap a piece of pancake with the basil and sauce.  If you wrap it properly, everything stays together.  As a beginner, I am not a good wrapper and had a shrimp fly out of the bottom of my lettuce wrapped pancake.  Fun times!  Kind of feel like being a kid again eating a Vietnamese pancake.

Vietnamese Pancake
 For the main dish, I tried the Duck and Bamboo Shoot Noodle Soup.  That was a unique combination, I'm used to trying the regular Beef Pho Soup.  The duck comes on the side.  To eat this soup, the duck is dipped in sauce and then eaten with soup and noodle.  Wow, this was work to eat a Vietnamese dinner.  I'm glad my friend brought me here to try something new.  Everything was delicious and super filling.  

Duck for Duck and Bamboo Shoot Soup

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