Saturday, November 12, 2016

Vancouver Restaurant: Ebisu on Robson Japanese Restaurant

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#NaBloPoMo Day 12 - Ebisu on Robson 

When I used to work downtown Vancouver it was easy to go out to try different restaurants because it was convenient and right there.  That was almost ten years ago.  

It is a treat when my brother comes to town about once a year so we can catch up at a restaurant downtown.  This year I choose Ebisu on Robson for Japanese food.  One of the reasons why I choose Ebisu is because I could make reservations conveniently on Open Table.  Open Table is a reservation app where you can easily make reservations without having to call the restaurant.  I find that modifying and canceling reservations on Open Table is super easy.  Plus every time you make a reservation and check in you receive points and when you have enough points they will provide you with a dining check.  Not only do you have the convenience of having a reservation, but with enough reservations they will feed you too.

Anyways, it was a rainy day so I was happy to have the reservation so I could have a warm booth to sit down in.  Ebisu Robson is English friendly and has nice photos of the different types of food and drinks that they serve.  When my brother arrived, he asked me "Why did I choose Ebisu?"  Little did I now it was one of his favorite restaurants in Vancouver and every year when he comes he usually eats at the Richmond location for lunch.  WOW!  

That's good when I am able to choose a restaurant that has good food and is well known.  Now when you see the food pictures below you will also see why we went.  My brother treated me so we splurged and tried a lot of different types of Japanese food including sushi, rolls, and more.  There is so much to choose from on the menu.  I can't wait until next year when he is back and I return to Ebisu on Robson.  

Ebisu Robson - Dynamite Roll

Ebisu Robson - Aburi Sushi Set

I can't remember what the last roll was, it was likely one of the special rolls.  I love seeing food prepared at the table and they seared the roll with the torch.  That mesmerized me so I am blanking out on what this roll was.  One thing I know is that it was delicious!

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