Friday, November 11, 2016

Fitness Friday: Carrot Rewards

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#NaBloPoMo Day 11 - Carrot Wellness Rewards

I was first introduced to Carrot with someone running up to me and said "Do you like Scene points?  Download Carrot."  For me that wasn't enough, I needed to find out more.  Especially since when I asked "How long does it take to gain enough points for a movie?"  The answer was unknown.

Of course it is not a surprise that I caved and signed up for a free Carrot Reward membership which is supported by BC Healthy Families to help educate the public on nutrition, fitness, and more.  I have to admit that they are improving the program as time passes.  

Firstly download the app on your cell phone.  I found it difficult to enter the code to give my friend the referral code.  That seems a bit unclear but I have passed along my code to others and have received the 100 bonus points so I guess the system figures it out.  My bonus code is:  mariak6718 

It is a good thing that you are signed up now when it has paired up with Fitbit which makes life a lot easier.  Before I had it paired up with Google Fit on my phone but I would often not carry my phone everywhere with me.  So I am happy that it is now paired with my Fitbit.  

Be careful the first few weeks because they track how many steps you take to figure out how many steps will be your personal goal.  After they determine that you will need to reach your goal daily before they give you 4 points daily.  

To earn more points they also have quizzes that you can take to learn about fitness, nutrition and how to be healthy.  I find the quizzes quite fun and educational.  I'm hoping with the Fitbit to be motivatd to meet my daily fitness goal and gain more Scene points.  Find out more on the website:

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