Thursday, November 10, 2016

#ThrowbackThursday - Vancouver Meat and Cheese Festival

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#NaBloPoMo Day 10 - Vancouver Meat and Cheese Festival

I love to look at the photos I have taken for inspiration for my blogging posts and I stumbled across some beautiful photos and thought they would be perfect for #ThrowbackThursday.

Vancouver Meat and Cheese Festival was in September and it was its first year so Vancity Girlfriends decided to buy tickets for the Wine and Cheese Tasting that was held at the Terminal City Club.  I blogged about the event in July but was busy in September to share the fabulous photo memories.  

Terminal City Club is a beautiful venue located downtown Vancouver.  Normally you need to be a club member to enter but for this evening everyone was welcome.  The Wine and Cheese tasting was scheduled for one and half hours but it did not take that long for the hosts to discuss the six different types of cheese on the plate and the wines to accompany the cheese.  I learned a lot about Canadian cheeses and loved tasting the wine.  Tasting is key as some of the cheese I definitely had wine favourites.  The "lecture" lasted until maybe thirty or forty minutes but that gave everyone time to chat to each other and slowly sip and taste their wine.  I also recommend refilling the water glass as well.  As you can imagine after drinking six glasses of wine (even taster sizes) we were feeling pretty happy.  So happy also that we decided to go out for dinner after the event to soak up all of the wine.  It was a fun wine tasting event and I'm sure we'll be seeing them back in 2017!  

I felt like I belonged to the club for that evening while waiting by the grand piano in the lobby sitting on comfortable arm chairs.  The only thing that was missing was the pianist.  We lapped up the luxury of the elegant surroundings before dinner.  

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