Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Vancouver Restaurant: Trattoria Burnaby Pasta Tuesday

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#NaBloPoMo Day 8 - Pasta Tuesday at Trattoria Burnaby

While pasta Tuesday is known at Boston Pizza, I'd say skip BP and go to Tratt Tuesday at Trattoria Burnaby instead.  They have amazing pasta and every Tuesday these signature pasta dishes are only $12 for a gourmet dinner.  Now that is a special feature that is win win for everyone.  Plus I have found that they are quite fast at preparing the dishes on Tratt Tuesday and I know why.  If they are giving away their pasta dishes at $12 then they want to turn over as many tables as possible.  I love it!  

Sometimes I just want a good meal fast and Trattoria Tuesday did it for me.  I'm not sure if we just got lucky that night.  Lucky since we didn't have to wait for a table and they seated us on the bar seats and table by the window immediatly.  We ordered our pasta dishes and they were served quickly, then the bill was brought promptly to our table.  It was wonderful fast service which is how we like it.  Delicious food and the ability to pay and leave conveniently and quickly without any pressure to buy drinks or dessert.  I'm sure that they have busier Tuesdays where you have to wait depending on the number in your party.  All in all I'd take Pasta Tuesday at Trattoria Burnaby over Boston Pizza any day.   Take a look at that tasty Tratt Tuesday!  


  1. I love pasta. Will try if i ever get to visit that restaurant

  2. I love pasta and this looks great.