Monday, December 05, 2016

Vancouver Event: 4Cats Mug of the Season Workshop

Last year I bought in the Entertainment Book and knowing that it would expire at the end of December, I explored it to see what else I could use before the land of Entertainment book coupons ended. 

That's when I discovered the 4Cats Workshops at Capitol Hill in Burnaby.  It is close to SFU and when I saw the Polar Bear Mug was the mug of the season, I invited a girlfriend who invited more girlfriends and then there were four of us going to the Polar Bear Mug workshop at 4Cats.  I was even able to find another coupon to use.  

This was a fun Friday night that flew by quickly because adults are perfectionists and it takes us longer to follow instructions and make our mugs.  That's what I think.  When we first arrived we all sat around a large table and the 4Cats teacher gave us name tags and the clay supplies.  Then she went through each step and the class followed.  I have to admit that everything was going well until it was time to add the mug handle.  It was hard, and then my clay started cracking and I had a lopsided handle that fell apart.  In the end I asked the teacher to do it for me.  Yes, I'm not afraid to ask for help.  Thankfully she did so I had enough time to paint my mug before the class was done.  

Now my Polar bear mug is curing so I'm not sure what the final results will look like.  If you are looking for an event for your girlfriends, then check out Capitol Hill and the adult workshops.  I know that kids love 4Cats but I never knew it could be fun for adults too.  

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  1. Your mug is so cute! That sounds like a fun evening out!