Saturday, December 17, 2016

Vancouver Event - Mary Poppins at the Stanley Theatre

In the summer, when the Arts Club Theatre had sent me a special sale for Mary Poppins, I couldn't resist.  I love live theatre but living in Vancouver, it is not as famous as London is for live theatre.  I loved watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in London a few years back and have always wanted to be able to watch live theatre more often.  In Vancouver, the theatres are not as grand, but that also means that they are not as expensive.  

Stanley Theatre is one of my favorites and especially for their musicals.  Previously I have watched Beauty and the Beast and Dream Girls at the Stanley Theatre.  It is not a surprise I jumped at the chance to have a date night with Mary Poppins.  As my husband said "The seats were perfect, just beyond the spitting range."  That's the advantage of planning ahead. 

I loved Mary Poppins, it's a feel good show that got me in the happy positive Christmas spirit.  And it is not too late, Mary Poppins has been so popular that it has been extended one more week until January 8th, 2017.  

Countdown to Christmas!  

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