Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Wine Wednesday: Santero Asti Sparkling Wine

I often use the BC Liquor store app to check out what's new and what to try.  They have "wish" and "favourite" list where you can save wines that you have found.  Often I will browse and save sparkling wines on my Wish list.  

So on New Year's Eve it was easy to look at my Wish list and then choose a bottle of sparkling wine that was on sale.  Then when I ventured out into the BC Liquor Store that was completely crowded, I didn't have to browse at all.  I just grabbed the one bottle of sparkling Santero Asti Sparkling Wine and left.

The bottle is pretty and looks almost gold which is great for presentation.  Santero Asti Sparkling wine is sweet like a Moscato so it's perfect for a crowd because it's to sip and drink slowly.  It was our sparkling wine for the New Years toast!  

Give everyone half a glass to celebrate!  Any occasion will do.  

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