Monday, February 06, 2017

Minamalism Monday - Mari Kondo The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up

My new year 2017 word of the year is Minamalism and this is an ongoing journey.  After being inspired by the documentary Minamalism it brought me back to one of first books that helped me get rid of things and keep items that spark joy.  

That book is Mari Kondo's "The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up" which I borrowed from the public library to reread.  Mari Kondo's method is to declutter by category instead of room and to keep possessions that bring you joy.  I love this!  It's not about numbers or limiting to a number of items, instead it is about keeping what you love and wear or use regularly.  It makes sense why would I continue to wear something that doesn't make me feel good about myself.  

To help with the space organization, I bought the drawer organization boxes SKUBB Box from IKEA which has been a lifesaver.  This is perfect for keeping the underwear and sock drawer organized and under control.  I no longer hide items in the drawer or keep unmatched socks.  Instead I have a place for each neatly folded item and have thrown away items that are ripped, worn, or are ready to go without guilt.  Then I know the items that I keep are comfortable and bring me joy.    

My next step is to organize my closet with the BUMERANG hangers and then keep only the number of items that I have hanger for thus in a way integrating the Project 333 into the picture.  The part of Project 333 that I do not like is storing clothing, I have moved past that stage and feel strongly that all of my clothing should be in my closet for all seasons as Mari Kondo would recommend.  Recently we have gotten rid of the closet doors so the clothing is displayed and it's easy to see what I have and what to wear.  

Minamalism as a lifestyle is a journey and I'm sure I'll be continuously tweaking and reminding myself of the values and seeing what calls my name.  I look foward to this year where I will find my way to simplify my life. 

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