Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Vancouver Restaurant - The Keg on Dunsmuir

Time flies.  After a few weeks of being on hiatus, Vancity girlfriends spontaneously decided to go for a girl's night out!  We missed Dine Out Vancouver so this was a way to go out to wine and dine and catch up on old times.  

Originally we wanted to go to The Keg on Alberni at the Shangri-La Hotel but apparently Family Day long weekend is a popular time to celebrate.  It was fully booked except for 5pm or 8:30pm which are not the ideal dinner time.  So instead we made reservations at The Keg on Dunsmuir.  It's easy to make reservation on Open Table which will give you 100 points for each reservation.  When you have 2,000 points, that is equal to a dining cheque for $26 Cdn ($20 US) or you can keep collecting to the next level.  Guess it rewards all of those organizers and planners out there who plan ahead and make reservations.

When we arrived, we were so glad we had reservations.  There was a line out the door.  We were able to get seated at a table in the bar and lounge.  We ordered our glasses of wine.  I tried a 6oz glass of the Knotted Vine on tap white wine specifically made for The Keg by local Okanagan winery Inniskillin. 

For dinner I ordered the Keg Classic Filet Mignon which is wrapped in bacon.  The classic means that it comes with a caesar salad and vegetables and one additional side dish which I choose mashed potatoes.  The steak is the main attraction at The Keg.  

I haven't had a meal like this is ages.  So since we were already out, Vancity Girlfriends is going to celebrate the girl's night out by sharing a Billy Miner Pie.  The whole evening was definitely a treat!  I loved it so much that I'll be coming back in March for Vancity Girlfriend Carolyn's birthday bash and I'll plan ahead so can go to The Keg Alberni!  Thanks The Keg Dunsmuir for a memorable night!  

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