Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Thrifty Tuesday - McDonald App Coupon

We don't usually get the normal round of flyers so when I found out that it's possible to save money without coupons but instead there's an app for that.  

In our technology savvy world, that is not a surprise.  When McDonalds App Coupon came out, I was drawn since McDonalds is not an expensive fast food restaurant to begin with.  Then add the discount coupon on the app and it's possible to save money.  Now what I didn't know is that the coupons do rotate and change every week.  

With the McDonalds Kiosks and McDonalds Coupon App, it's easy to order at the self serve kiosk and save money.  It's great for introverts like me who hate ordering in person and having to answer all of the questions.  The kiosk makes it much easier.  My coupon was for $1 off a breakfast combo so I ordered the sausage egg mcmuffin with hash browns and I splurged and upgraded my drink to a medium size of earl's grey tea with stevia.  There are customizations and options at the kiosk.  Have fun with it!  Comment and let us know what you ordered.  

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