Thursday, November 28, 2013

Living Social Coupon: Paint Nite Vancouver

Dear Vancity Girlfriends,
As you may already know, I love a good deal!  So that's when the group buying coupons come into play.  It's bad because in the past I've been so obsessed with buying coupons, that I even forgot to make reservations to actually use them before they expire.  Now I know better!  If I'm actually buying a coupon, I basically make the reservations immediately.  Due to the popularity of the deal, you have to plan ahead!  

Bird on a Wire from November Paint Nite
That's exactly what we had to do for Paint Nite Vancouver at the Ascot.  Paint Nite is a night where you can get together with your Vancity girlfriends at a local pub restaurant (in this case the Ascot) and have a drink and paint at the same time.  

With the $25 Living Social coupon your canvas, painting supplies and instructions are all included so you leave Paint Nite with a painting you can hang on your wall.  (alcohol is not included and optional but you know what will happen when Vancity Girlfriends go;)  It's an easygoing atmosphere so you have the choice to follow the instructions or to let your creative juices guide you.  Either way at the end of the night you have a finished painting that you've completed all on your own.

Now we want you and your girlfriends to come and join us at Paint Nite Vancouver on Saturday, February 22nd to paint Hot Pink Flowers!  Spaces are filling up!

After you buy the Living Social coupon, you need to go to the Paint Nite website to make the reservation and enter the coupon code from living social.  There will also be an additional $3 fee for taxes.  Do this right away as you'll notice the dates fill up and get SOLD OUT!  quickly.  Don't worry about making a reservation three months in advance, their customer service is excellent and you can always change your dates if something comes up.  

Step 1:  Buy the Living Social Paint Nite Coupon 
Step 2:  Make the reservation on Paint Nite Vancouver website
Step 3:  Come to Paint Nite!  Enjoy!  Come find Vancity Girlfriends!

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