Sunday, December 22, 2013

Vancouver Afternoon Tea: Adonia Tea House in Kerrisdale

Adonia Tea House in Kerrisdale has the English teacups and decor that makes you feel as though you just walked into an English tea house.  When you walk in, you'll notice that one side has the tea wall with the sample jars for you to smell the teas before you decide on the one you want with your Vancouver afternoon tea.  The decor is like your grandmother's house and the tea house is quite narrow and small.  All of the tables are perfect for 2 and there are a couple that will fit 4.   

Adonia TeaList
The Adonia Tea list is quite extensive and you can find a variety of green, white, black, and roobis teas to choose from.  The hard part is choosing only one to compliment your afternoon tea service.  
Adonia Tea
Adonia Tea House teas are served at your table with glass tea pots and candles to keep your tea warm during your afternoon tea.  The servers come regularly to refill your tea pots with hot water.  So you are never left with an empty tea pot. 
Adonia Afternoon Tea
Adonia afternoon tea has the traditional tea service with two trays of savory finger sandwiches and even potato salad.  The scones were served on a side tray with jam and devonshire cream.  The top tier is filled with sweets.  My favourite was the fruit tart.  The food is filling and simple.  The ambiance, the English decor and the great value of $27 for an afternoon tea are the drawing features to Adonia Tea House in Kerrisdale. 
Adonia Dessert Tier
Since there were 4 of us, we were also given a side tray for additional desserts which included raspberry panne cotta and chocolate raspberry mango mousse.   The desserts are visually attractive but the mousse combination was a little odd for my taste buds. 
Adonia Dessert Tray
Adonia tea house is quaint and we luxuriously enjoyed afternoon tea for almost two hours with our tea pots continuously being refilled. They easily split the bill for us including splitting the birthday girl's portion.  Once Adonia tea house servers realized that we were there celebrating a birthday, they left a special treat for the birthday girl.  A package of the tea that she enjoyed that day!    

That was a nice touch!  It is worth a try to step into an English tea house for a day.  

Do you love afternoon tea in Vancouver?

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