Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Vancouver High Tea - Neverland Tea Salon

Dear Vancity Girlfriends,

I have to admit that I love girly things even though I would never say that to anyone.  Even though I love high tea, I normally save it for special occasions.  One of my friends at work mentioned Neverland Tea Salon to me a few months ago, but when she told me that it was located so far away in Kitsilano, I threw it out of my mind.

As you may start to know, I am always on the lookout of good deals and I'm a member of Open Table reservation system where you get points for making reservations online and when you have enough points Open Table nicely gives you a dining cheque.  

When I saw Neverland Tea Salon on Open Table, I immediately decided that the Christmas season is a special occasion and I texted my Vancity Girlfriend for an afternoon date of high tea at Neverland Tea Salon.

Teas brought to your table
Even though it was a rainy, grey day in Vancouver, it was bright and modern in Neverland Tea Salon.  When I walked in the door, my nosebuds were alerted with the scent of fresh baking on the premises.  WOW!  This was a first to actually have an on-site bakery and the aromas with wake up your nosebuds with delight.  The decor is cute and quaint just as though Alice from Alice in Wonderland decorated it with unique teacups and quaint tables and chairs.  Once seated they brought over a selection of teas for us to smell to our table.  This was a first.  Usually I have to walk over to the selection wall to smell the teas.  Now we had the teas at our fingertips.  

Since we were in Peter Pan's Neverland, I decided to try Peter Pan's green tea.  They also have a signature Neverland black tea.  The menu had a selection for lunch and of course high tea.  We ordered the high tea.  They brought out a nice selection of sandwiches, scones, and sweets.  The high tea was fresh and flavorful.  Then when it was time to refill our teapots, we were allowed to order a fresh tea from the selection.  Not only that but they had an even larger tea menu of 60 teas!  

WOW!  I was also given a new teacup for my second tea choice of a creamy earl grey.  Now as you can tell Neverland Tea Salon has impressed me but they did not end with that.  At the end, when it was time for the bill, it came with free tea samples.  WOW!  For all of that, I would definitely return to Neverland Tea Salon with friends so everyone can enjoy its wonders.  It makes it worth a trip!

Peter Pan Green Tea

Finger sandwiches
Fresh scones with jam and cream

Neverland Tea Salon High Tea
Neverland Tea Sample
Do you love afternoon tea in Vancouver?  

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