Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Subscription Boxes: DesignHerKit Review

Hello Vancity Girlfriends!  

As you know I LOVE beading and jewellery making! Now when I first discovered Whimseybox which is a monthly craft subscription box for $20/month, I was in awe that you can have a craft with all of supplies in a box.  However, over time, I discovered that I had crafts that were left undone because I didn't know much about that craft.

That led me on a journey to self discovery that I don't just like ANY craft, I really LOVE beading and jewellery making!  Then I found DesignHerKit which is a monthly subscription box for exactly that!  DesignHerKit is a Canadian company and I scooped the offer when the start up business was gathering funds to operate through Indiegogo.  I loved the fact that it's a box from CANADA.  So for a change, there are no extra shipping fees for Canadians.  

DesignHerKit is affordable at $19/month.  The kit comes in a gold foil envelope and inside are all of the supplies that you need to make three projects.  Here's what I received for my first DesignHerKit January 2014. 

DesignHerKit Arrives!

Supplies and Instruction Sheets

Three projects photo

Supplies for Keychain

1st project:  Keychain

2nd project:  Bracelet

3rd project:  Necklace

DesignHerKit Competed Projects

 In one afternoon, I finished all three projects!  I'm an experienced beader so I could work with the photo to put together the projects, however, I did notice that if you are a beginner, you can go to the DesignHerKit Craft Table that will have step-by-step instructions on how to complete the pieces.  I found that the projects were simple enough for all levels.  

The best part is that I have inspiration for jewellery and a groovy necklace that I've already started wearing.  Fashion forward and friendly!  

I love this Canadian subscription box and I can't wait for my next DesignHerKit. 

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