Wednesday, March 19, 2014

DIY Easter Box - Girlfriend Surprise Subscription Box

Dear Vancity Girlfriends,

As you know we've stopped our beauty subscription boxes for 2014 because we have enough cosmetics that overflowed and it's no good to have more beauty products when you're giving most of the samples away!

Now I still have a fascination with subscription boxes and keep looking for any different ones that may bring a sparkle to my eye.

However when I found one I had another brilliant idea!  Why buy a surprise subscription box for $25 when I can make my own for my Vancity Girlfriend!  This was my new inspiration for a DIY surprise subscription box.  I hopped on over to my local Winners store and browsed through their kitchen and baking items.  Since Easter is a month away, I decided to have a nice Easter theme.  I picked up lovely Easter kitchen towels, a Easter bunny cookie kit which includes the cookie cutter, cookie mix, icing, and of course you can't go wrong with Easter sprinkles.  That was my DIY Easter Box.  All for under $20.

I was so excited to give it away that I didn't have time to put together any finishing touches.  If I had more time, I could have added smaller items such as Easter basket, Easter eggs or chocolates, Easter decoration or gift bag. 

Stay tuned next month to see what DIY Girlfriend Surprise Subscription Box will uncover!  Or better yet, make one for your girlfriend and share with us! 

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