Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Travel Tuesday: Bow River Walkway in Calgary, Alberta

Last week I went on a road trip and the final destination was Calgary, Alberta.  I don't remember the last time I was in Calgary downtown but I had one full work day (7 hours) to explore the city on a sunny day.  That's when I discovered the beautiful spots where I could practice my photography along the Bow River walkway downtown Calgary.  

They have two pathways one for pedestrians and one for bicycles but you have to beware since the bicycles can get on the wrong path.  In April it was the changing of the seasons and you can see the river still had patches of snow amongst the running water.  The willow trees were beautiful and centre bridge was a nice focal point for my photography.  

As a beginner photographer I was told to just practice, practice, practice.  That's exactly what I did along my walk on the Bow River walkway in Calgary, Alberta.  It's scenic and I had fun exploring the beauty of the trees, bridge, and river.  What I love about nature is that it stands still while you try to figure out the composition.  

Bow River, Calgary AB

Centre Bridge, Calgary AB

Trees along Bow River Walkway, Calgary AB

View along Bow River, Calgary AB

Bow River Walkway, Calgary AB

Memorial Plaque Close Up, Calgary AB
Trip Advisor members also give the Bow River in Calgary, Alberta a high rating as an attraction to see when you visit.  It has 4.5 stars with 114 reviews at the time this post was written.  

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