Saturday, May 10, 2014

Vancouver Spa: Miraj Hamman Spa

Relax.  Revive.  Rejuvenate.

I've always struggled to find the balance in life with work and play.  But when work overwhelms, then it's time to take a break.  I've realized the value of spa days as my mental break and oasis.  As a working professional, we ALL deserve our spa days.  

I heard about Miraj Hamman Spa as a rejuvenating spa that is worth every penny.  Now I'm a little bit of a coupon fanatic so when I found out the name and realized that the normal price was a bit too expensive for my liking, I did my regular search for a coupon.  Lucky me!  Perfect timing!

Travelzoo had just released the Miraj Hamman Spa coupon deal so I grabbed one so I could experience the Middle Eastern Oasis.  After my treatment at Miraj I understood why the Miraj Hamman Spa coupon sold out so quickly!

I walked into the spa with a small entrance and was kindly greeted and asked to take off my shoes and put on the spa sandals.  Now these are nothing fancy.  They are large brown sandals.  Then a woman wearing a sarong and a bit steamy asked me to follow her to the change room.  No one else was there.  And there was a door that led to the steam room.  I was given a locker to put my things in and a sarong to wear.  I stripped down and put on the sarong.  

Then I walked into the marble covered steam room which was foggy with steam.  I could barely see and my skin was immediately dew wet and the eucalyptus oils drifting among the steam.  I was the only one in the steam room.  The high temperature steam was amazingly refreshing.  I have been to steam rooms but not ones that were so hot that you need to have a cool silver pitcher of cold water to keep you cool.  Rejuvenate like never before.  

After the steam I lay down my sarong and then lay down on the marble slab.  My skin was rejuvenated from the steam lifting out the toxins is my guess.  Then it was time for the 'gommage' part of the experience which is a moroccan soaping and exfoliation of you skin all over your body.  This is an intimate treatment but the end result is super soft skin and a reviving experience.  

After that you put on a robe and wait for the masseuse for the body massage, facial part.  Relaxation.

Post massage I was brought to a lounge with tea and snacks and ample time for me to read magazines, or lounge, or do nothing.  My entire experience was private.  A perfect spa for one!  

Overall the "hamman" steam and "gommage" were the memorable experiences at Miraj Hamman Spa and I would return to have the opportunity to rejuvenate, revive, and relax.  

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