Sunday, June 15, 2014

Vancouver Spa - Bloom Essentials Picasso Pedicure for Two

 Hi Vancity Girlfriends,

Carolyn entering Bloom Essentials
I love to escape to the spa to take a break from the busy, stressful city life and to relax at the spa.  Now that's a treat to do with your Vancity Girlfriends.  Now I've been to spas for massages, facials, but Vancity Girlfriend Carolyn wanted a pedicure!  Initially I found a Groupon for a spa but as most groupons go, you have to plan ahead, otherwise it is very difficult to find a time to get two appointments at the same time.  I had a time crunch since I wanted my pedicure before my two week European vacation began.  

So I decided to go find out where the "Best Spa in Vancouver" was that specialized in pedicures.  Bloom Essentials was came up on Yelp so I explored their website to find their "Sole Mate Survivor for 2" with a Picasso Pedicure.  I called and booked our appointments with ease.  

Bloom Essentials Waiting Area
Bloom Essentials is in Kitsilano on 1st street near the Burrard Street bridge.  It is on the ground floor, basement level of a character style building across from Sukis and Ron Zalko.  When I first stepped into the small spa, it is like a cute boutique.  The front space is well lit and there is a comfortable waiting area that looks like it could be your cozy living room.  

I imagined that for pedicures we would be in chairs sitting next to each other, but at Bloom Essentials, you get to have you pedicures in bed propped up with comfortable pillows.  Cozy girlfriend chat time!  Such a creative and comfortable way to have a pedicure.  

They also had Picasso art on swatches so you can choose easily.  They had one for nail colours as well so as your feet are being pampered you can review the colours at your leisure before it's time to choose

My pedicure was picture perfect!  I loved the Picasso artwork and I can't stop looking at my pretty toes.  It was so gentle and professional.  I am happy that I splurged for Vancity Girlfriends Picasso Pedicure.  

BEFORE my Picasso Pedicure
AFTER my Bloom Essential Picasso Pedicure

Close Up of Bloom Essential Picasso Pedicure

Update as of February 2016 - Bloom Essentials has permanently closed for business.  If you have bought a Groupon, please contact them for credit.

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