Saturday, June 14, 2014

Vancouver Cafe: Faubourg Paris Downtown

Dear Vancity Girlfriends,
Faubourg Paris Downtown Vancouver Lemon Tart and Creme Brulee

I'm finding time to catch up with old friends and one friend who thinks of me, thinks of macaroons.  Last time we went to Thierry Cafe located in the heart of downtown Vancouver, so it's not surprising that she found another cafe that specializes in pastries, desserts, and macaroons.  

Faubourg Paris has a location downtown Vancouver conveniently across from the Vancouver Art Gallery.  It has a nice open patio outside and there is lots of space inside for comfortable seating.  The pastry window is so tantalizing that it's not surprising that I had to get dessert with my lunch.  

I choose a turkey cranberry panini which was delicious with fresh alfalfa sprouts, latte, and creme brulee for dessert.  My Vancity girlfriend the lemon tart.  We opted out of trying the macaroons this time.  

It was the perfect place to order your lunch, pick it up, and enjoy the Parisian atmosphere with art and great lighting.  It was laid back and we could catch up and chat over lunch without feeling rushed.  There are large windows so even if you are sitting inside there is natural light surrounding you.  

I was impressed!  I will return to Faubourg Paris if I'm downtown again and want to grab an elegant lunch and escape to Paris for the day.  Next time shall I try the macaroons?  Hmmm.....

Thanks for reading Vancity Girlfriends blog!  Come back soon!
Faubourg Paris Downtown Vancouver Turkey Cranberry Panini, Mocha, Creme Brulee

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