Sunday, June 28, 2015

Vancouver Event: Tasting Plates Cambie Village

Hello Vancity Girlfriends,

I had so much fun with Tasting Plates New Westminister that I have returned to a new neighbourhood to explore what restaurants Cambie Village has to offer.  Tasting Plates are a great way to spend time with girlfriends who you want to catch up with.  I asked several friends to eventually find one who was excited to attend Tasting Plates Cambie Village with me.  There's something about walking around and trying different foods and drinks at different places.  I forgot to skip lunch which is what I really needed to do for Cambie Village.

We picked up our tickets at U & I Thai and even though it was the first stop, it was packed.  So we grabbed our tickets and walked across the street to Las Tortas.  We started our culinary adventure with a Tamataco - slow roasted pulled pork filled Tamal, chipotle salsa, topped with cactus pico salad in a soft corn shell.  What a great starter!  A cross between a tamale and a taco.  It was served with a Horchata - sweet cinnamon vanilla, milk and rice drink.  The cinnamon made it taste kinda like a chai which I love so it was a nice surprise for me.  My friend didn't like the Horchata so I drank two cups, lucky me!

After that we took walk down Cambie Street to Broadway to find Edge Cafe and Catering.  Here's an elegant coffee shop that does catering.  This tasting plate was a full meal deal.  We started with a cherry tomato stix, then had a trio of seafood chowder, butter chicken, and mini gourmet pesto chicken salad with a cookie for dessert.  

Now Solly's Bagelry was down the street and I expected a box of goodies, instead we were greeted with a platter of sweet and savory treats for each of us!  WOW!  On our platter it had sweet and savory treats such as cheese danish, rugoleh, cinnamon bun, chocolate babka, potato knish, lavash, mini bagel with sockeye cream cheese.  Luckily there were take out boxes for us to take home.  

After all of that food, the walk back up Cambie street was much needed to help us digest before we could go to the next stop.  We were back at U & I Thai where we had picked up the tickets and had a sit down meal of U and I Thai fish taco with Rice Noodle with green curry with chicken.  They also had Thai dancers who performed for us.  Entertainment and dinner.  Did I really have room for all of this food?

The evening wasn't over yet.  We still had to go to Pronto which is a cool looking diner style restaurant which severed us meatball wtih pomodoro sauce, gorgonzola, walmut pesto crostini, and baked polenta with wild mushroom ragu.  I loved the decor in Pronto which was a nice talking point in itself.  I really was stuffed at this point and wished I had been as smart as others who got their curry from U & I Thai to go.

For dessert we were off to Rain and Shine Ice Cream where we had the blueberry balsamic and non dairy vegan option of coconut chocolate chunk and vegan chocolate sauce.  I was really surprised with the flavour of the vegan option.  I actually preferred it.  

All I can say about Cambie Village Tasting Plates is that it was a LOT of food!  It was a fabulous time to catch up with a friend, walk around, and try new restaurants.  I love having food to take home and learned something new.  If there is a lot of food, get MORE of it to take home.  I think there are folks who just don't go to all of the stops but I love exploring all of the places as that's the fun part of Tasting Plates.

I'll be back again on July 8th for Tasting Plates Olympic Village.  
It's true.  I'm addicted to Tasting Plates YVR. 
See you next time!

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