Sunday, July 26, 2015

Subscription Box Sunday - SFU Harvest Box

Hello Vancity Girlfriends,

It's Sunday Funday and I had a full day of relaxing at home with the chores.  Dishes, garbage, laundry, recycling, and even organizing the cutlery drawer.  I've watched "Confessions of a Shopaholic" on Netflix and now it's time to get back to blogging.  

As you may have noticed I blog when I feel inspired.  In this case, it was the boredom inspiration.  When my body doesn't want to do anything and my introvert self just wants to stay at happy at home.  Writer's block somehow gets unlocked and I find myself here for Sunday Funday to share my thoughts about the SFU Harvest Box.

In the past I've looked at Vancouver CSA programs but didn't have the money for the shares to pay at once or else could not commit to the local pick up place.  Yes, I have commitment issues.  So I always return to the SFU Harvest Box:

What do I like about the SFU Harvest Box?
It's affordable.  The pricing is for students so they have the value box at $8.50 and the local box at $15.75.  In each box they have at least 7 different types of vegetables and fruit.  I can also order one box at a time.  They have two deliveries per month and unlike the CSA programs, you just order the box when you want it.

I prefer to order the local box so I can support the local farmers and the variety is unique.  I love picking up the SFU Harvest box and opening to see what fruits and vegetables I will find.  Then the chef in me becomes alive as I think of ways to creatively use all of the ingredients in the box within the week.  With local harvest since there are fewer preservatives, I do find that they do not keep a very long time.  Fresh is best.  

Let's take a look to see what I uncovered in the May SFU Harvest Box.  

SFU Harvest Box - Kale, Red Tomatoes, Red Pepper, Eggplants, Cucumber, Beet, Apples.

Eggplants times two

Red Tomatoes

Red Pepper

My next SFU Harvest Box is coming on Thursday so I'm going to do an unboxing video for our YouTube channel.  Stay Tuned!

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