Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Girls Night Out - Vancouver Art Gallery and Rogue Kitchen and Wetbar

Hi Vancity Girlfriends,

During these hot summer days, it's hard to get motivated to do anything but sit around and try to cool down.  Well, I decided that enough was enough.  It was time for a girl's night out.  So Carolyn and I decided to get together for a girl's night out at the Vancouver Art Gallery.  The Vancouver Art Gallery is by donation on Tuesday nights from 5-9pm so it's a great way to get cultured no matter what your budget is.  Along our adventure, we also found out that it is a wonderful cool space that is air conditioned in every room.  

The current exhibitions are "Of Heaven and Earth 100 Years of Italian Painting", this exhibit is on the main floor which usually hosts the traditional paintings.  On the upper floors are the more modern exhibits which included Material Future, How Do I Fit a Ghost in My Mouth, and Wallpapers and Emily Carr.  There were a lot of material art such as a book that was pulled apart and the pictures were cup up and displayed.  It was amazing to see the intricate detail and appearances.  The digital wallpaper was a sight with the digital wallpaper enlarged in scale and changing with the display.  We are not artists so we did not sit and ponder the artwork, instead we gazed, took photos, and admired the work of others.  I'm happy we went and we even made a Vancouver Art Gallery YouTube Video on the occasion. 

After our cultured adventure, we roamed the streets of downtown Vancouver wondering where we should eat.  We decided on Gastown and stopped when we saw Rogue Kitchen and Wetbar and we could not resist the cocktail that got us started with Vancity Girlfriends.  That's the fishbowl Sangaria.  Sangaria is like the summer time cool down drink.  I had the 1/2 turkey sandwich with clam chowder and caesar salad while Carolyn had the 2 fish tacos with fries and casesar salad.  We ate, drank and were merry on our Girls Night Out.  

Rogue Kitchen and Wetbar - Fishbowl Sangaria

Rogue Kitchen and Wetbar - Fish Tacos, Fries, Caesar Salad

Stay tuned for our next Vancity Girlfriends Girl's Night Out! 

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