Monday, November 02, 2015

Burnaby Restaurant: Pho 24 Express

As the winter draws near and the darkness falls, I long for good old fashioned comfort food to feed my soul.  Often after returning home from work and exercise, it is hard to cook for one.  That's when I steal from my cookie jar and step out in my yoga pants to look for a quick meal close by.

Pho 24 Express in Burnaby at 4250 Kingsway was inviting me in.  When I saw the CASH ONLY sign at the door, I didn't hesitate because I had my purple $10 bill in my pocket.  I just wanted a snack, something to warm me up on a cold night.

I sat at a table and noticed that the other two diners were also dining alone which is also comforting because it is a quiet introvert place.  Even though the staff was eating themselves at 8pm, they immediately stood up to give me a menu and brought me a teapot of tea for one.  The menu had an assortment of Vietnamese food include pho, rice, spring rolls, and more.  I knew exactly what I longed for.  It was a nice large bowl of Pho.  After all when you go to a restaurant where Pho is in its name, you need to get their signature dish.  They had three sizes of Regular, Large, and Extra Large.  I ordered a large House Pho.  Pho really doesn't take long to prepare and I am eating in no time.  It arrived with fresh bean sprouts, lime wedge and basil.  On the tables they already have the cutlery and sauces so once the meal has arrived, it is a nice quite time alone with the comforting bowl of Pho (Vietnamese Soup).  

It was exactly what I wanted and at an affordable price, less than $10.  

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