Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Travel Tuesday - Hong Kong Tsim Sha Tsui Avenue of Stars

The last time when I went to Hong Kong which was in February 2015, I visited Tsim Sha Tsui and was surprised at how much it had changed during the past six years.    

Firstly there was a new attraction called the Avenue of the Stars where you can take pictures with statues of famous movie stars including Bruce Lee.  There are also over 70 tablets of the stars with their hand prints.  Growing up in Canada,  I don't actively follow Hong Kong movie stars but my Mom does and walking the Avenue of the Stars is like going to Hollywood.  I could tell someone was popular by the number of people who crowded around a "star" to take pictures with the tablet.  Tsim Sha Tsui Avenue of the Stars was packed with tourists, my guess from the fact that they were speaking Mandarin, is that many were from China and I had never seen it so busy.  It might have also been the time of year that I visited because it was Chinese New Year. 

Tsim Sha Tsui promenade is quite beautiful and a great attraction in itself to take photos of the scenery and boats that pass by the river.  Hope you get the chance to visit Hong Kong one day to see for yourself!

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