Sunday, November 01, 2015

Subscription Box Sunday - SFU Local Harvest Box

SFU Harvest Box is a local food box program run by Sustainable SFU.  The SFU Harvest must be ordered ahead of time and then picked up on the second and last Thursday of each month.  

There are two different types of SFU Harvest Boxes and the would be the VALUE box and the LOCAL box.  Every box has at least 7 different types of vegetables or fruit to bring home and try.  The VALUE box is $8.50 and the LOCAL box is $15.75.  

I prefer to order the LOCAL box because it is sourced as local as possible, usually from farmers in the Fraser Valley.  I recently picked up my SFU Harvest box on the last THURSDAY in OCTOBER and here's what was inside my box.  
A nice bounty of fall root vegetables.  

1) Kale - one bag
2) Apples - 4 large red delicious
3) Tomatoes - 6 yellow tomatoes on vine
4) Red onion 
5) Rutabaga - 
6) Butternut Squash 
7) Yams - 5 small 



Yellow Tomatoes

Red onion


Butternut Squash
Want to try an SFU Local Harvest Box?  Order here:

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