Tuesday, November 01, 2016

NaBloPoMo Lifelong Learning - Foodsafe Level 1

Every year in November I get revitalized with the Vancity Girlfriends Blog because of National Blog Posting Month which is one month a year where bloggers who participate in #NaBloPoMo write a blog post every day for the entire month.  

I'm starting off the #NaBloPoMo journey with a blog post about lifelong learning.

I was pondering making gingerbread men or should I say people with Divinely Delish and then my entrepreneurial side decided that if I help her decorate the gingerbread people and learn from her in the kitchen, I should be properly trained with Food Safe Level 1.

The timing could not be better since my husband also had a bout of food poisoning the week before and it was from food that we had prepared at home.  I'd recommend this course not just for those working in the food industry but for everyone who loves to cook at home.  I learned so much about food preparation and how to do it safely.  The instructor was a health inspector and she had so many stories to tell about improper handling of food.  I wonder if health inspectors ever get a break from their work since many of her stories were what she noticed as a customer and not a health inspector.  The knowledge gained in the class will help me inspect my own kitchen, and prepare food safely for my family.  

Perhaps this will be the start of a culinary adventure and since I love to cook, it makes sense to have the Food Safe Level 1 certificate.  I spent a day learning and at the end scored 98% on the test!  Woo hoo!  Really, it's not a difficult test if you stay awake and pay attention in class.  The class is offered quite frequently throughout Vancouver and it's only $80 which includes everything.  Once you have the Food Safe Level 1 Certificate it's good for five years.  

Check out the Foodsafe website to learn more:  http://foodsafe.ca/

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