Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Vancouver Restaurant - Hime Japanese Restaurant on Broadway

National Blog Posting Month in November
#NaBloPoMo Day 2 - Hime Japanese Restaurant

It was a blustering rainy day and I only had an hour for lunch in a new neighbourhood.  The rain was pelting down on my rain jacket hood as I was shivering.  At first I stumbled into a coffee shop but their sandwiches were not calling my name and did not look like warm food that my cold body needed.  That was lucky for me because then I opened the doors of Hime Japanese Restaurant and the warmth embraced me.  

Instead of sitting cramped at a table with busy people around, being solo, I chose to sit at the bar where I could watch the sushi chefs prepare the rolls and let my mind wander.  After I just sat down a warm mug of green tea rolled into my cold hands and I was knew that I had found the right place for lunch.  The green tea warmed me up quickly and the menu was full of choices.  I didn't have much time to explore the menu so I choose one of the lunch combo.  It was Lunch Combo A which included an appetizer tempura, udon, and california roll.  The green tea kept me company until my lunch was ready.  Hime Japanese Restaurant is a busy place but once I saw my lunch combo, I knew why many people would not only want to order take out, but also enjoy the space and a lunch away from the office.  The food was beautifully displayed on a tray and I couldn't ask for anything more.  The tempura was hot and freshly battered.  The udon soup was delicious and warmed my tummy.  After my brief lunch time there, I was warmed inside and out.  

It's not surprising why this Hime Japanese Restaurant on Broadway has a 4/5 rating on Zomato and 4.0 rating on Google.  For under $10, this is a treat!

Intrigued?  In the area, check them out:

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