Saturday, November 05, 2016

Vancouver Event - Renfrew Community Craft Fair

National Blog Posting Month in November
#NaBloPoMo Day 5 - Renfrew Community Craft Fair

Everyone has different holiday traditions and one of mine is participating in a local community craft fair.  It is a way to bring handmade jewellery and crafts to life by giving them a new home to someone who falls in love with what I make.  Renfrew Community Craft Fair has been home to my craft fair goods every year.  I invite everyone I know and it is also a way for me to catch up with friends and have mini reunions with everyone as they shop for local handmade Christmas presents.  

It is a good time to get away from the pushy malls and instead take a look at crafts that people have made with love in a local community.  I find the community is friendly and often I find customers who recognize my table from previous years.  That is what happens with traditions!  People know how to find me and my earrings.  

This year I've invited my friend Taslim to share my table and I'm looking forward to see what craft uniqueness she will bring.  Plus I have an opportunity to spend the day with a long lost friend.  

Save the date!  Saturday, November 26th from 10am - 3pm at Renfrew Park Community Centre in Vancouver, BC.  

Sign up on Facebook (Admission is FREE) -

Earrings are my specialty and you can find some of the pearl, skull, coin earrings below.  I'll also have painted gift boxes, felt cutlery stockings, and more!  Still have 3 more weeks to prepare so there may be a few surprises.

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