Friday, December 30, 2016

Fitness Friday: Keep Fit Without Committing

New Year's is around the corner and it is the time for everyone to make New Year's resolutions and promises for a fresh start!  Along with this comes the promise to workout and get fit.  This is the busiest season for fitness centres and gyms.  The memberships boost and then will fall dramatically before the summer and as the days get longer.  

So this year instead of being committed to a gym or yoga membership, there is a way to keep fit without committing.  GROUPON has coupons for all different types of fitness and is great for those who don't like to do the same thing all of the time.  It's best to keep fit and save money at the same time.  Here are some of the groupons for fitness that I've found for those in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

1.  Oxygen Yoga - This is a hot yoga studio that has unlimited one month long memberships for new members for only $49.  Keep in mind that sometimes groupon will have extra savings so watch out for those promotional codes.  Just type in Oxygen Yoga as the search function to see which one is closest.

2.  HIIT Fitness - High intensity interval training is good for your metabolism and they have a 10 punch card at their downtown location for $39.

3.  Zumba - Latin dancing that is also a workout for those who like to shake their booty.  The Zumba Latin Fitness Ztudio has a morning anytime 10 card pass for $35.  

4.  Cyklus Vancouver - Indoor spinning classes located downtown Vancouver have a 5 class pass for $70.  That is also the new client special on their website so this is a good deal on Groupon IF they have an additional promotion.

As for me, I've decided to go with Oxygen Yoga in New Westminister that is close to the skytrain station and on my way home.  That'll keep me busy for January and then I can revisit in February to see what I want to try next.  That's my style to reach new heights and keep fit without committing.

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