Thursday, December 29, 2016

Throwback Thursday: River Rock Casino Resort Room Service

As I reminisce of the staycation at the River Rock Casino Resort I wanted to share that it was also a first for room service.  Yes, that's right!  We ordered room service for breakfast just so we could stay in our pajamas and be lazy.  Normally I would want to save money but we were on vacation!  Getting room service was a luxury!  

The River Rock Casino Resort room service is not like what you see in the movies where there is a cart that they roll in that you get to keep.  Instead they bring it into the room and luckily we had a suite so there was a nice coffee table for the room service server to spread everything out on.  There was breakfast for three people which included eggs benedict, canadian breakfast with a poached egg and a continental breakfast.  This was all served with orange juice for the continental and tea or coffee.  

It was nice with the sunlight from the window to eat our breakfast in the comfort of our hotel room.  Room service is definitely more of an experience and memory instead of for a deal.  Come back next Thursday to see what the real breakfast deal was at the River Rock Casino Resort!

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