Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Wine Wednesday - Lolea White Sparkling Sangaria

All year long I look forward to the girl's weekend and this year it was a staycation at the River Rock Casino.  

We bring our wines and enjoy a weekend of relaxing, drinking, and eating.  Carolyn brought LOLEA white sparkling sangaria from Spain and it is such a fun bottle of wine!  It doesn't need any gift wrapping with this bottle with polka dots that sounds out from the rest of the bottles.  I love sparkling wine because of bubbles and light fruity flavours so I couldn't wait to try this bottle.

I loved it!  Carolyn said it reminded her of a Breezer cooler.  It was perfect for me!  Then when I checked out the LOLEA website I saw that you could even turn this into a fun punch for a party with crushed strawberries and a splash of vodka.  We drank it straight on ice this time and enjoyed every sip.  

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