Saturday, January 07, 2017

Vancouver Restaurant: Boiling Point Restaurant

Even with the busy city lifestyle, it is nice once in a while to catch up with old friends.  December and January are popular months when I have an opportunity to meet friends and spend a bit of quality time.  I have one girlfriend who is Taiwanese and an avid foodie.  The combination makes her a perfect date and one who chooses fabulous unique restaurants.

Boiling Point is a Taiwanese hot pot specialty chain restaurant.  They have three Boiling Point restaurants in the Lower Mainland.  There is one in Burnaby, BC, Richmond, BC and Surrey, BC.  We went to the one in Burnaby which was the closest.  The have restaurants in the USA in Southern and Northern California and Washington.  There is also one in China.  

It is a quaint little restaurant and when I entered it was jam packed of people at the door.  Then I noticed a small little machine which was the ticket to let them know how many people were in your party.  It was easy enough to navigate and even though my girlfriend hadn't arrived, there were so many people standing at the door, I thought for sure it would be a 30 mins wait.  So I grabbed the ticket and found a standing spot inside to wait.  Less than 5 mins later the server came and called my number, I felt a bit embarrassed and told her my friend had not arrived yet so I could wait and she could seat the other guests.  She did that and returned and continued to seat others but at the same time was conscientious that I was first and kept checking to see when my friend would arrive.  Once I knew my girlfriend was looking for parking and told the server, she asked me to sit at the table first.  The tables are quite tightly packed and it is perfect if there are two people who are eating.  The menu was a one pager with great pictures of different types of hot pots and descriptions.  I decided to try the Korean style hot pot and my friend also ordered side dishes of stinky tofu and grilled pork, Taiwanese specialties.  

At Boiling Point everyone gets their own individual hot pot that is cooked in front of you.   I love restaurants where you can actively participate.  Even though it is a small space and jam packed, the hot pots were delicious and I can't wait to return so I can try a different hot pot.  

I would want to return for lunch since the lunch combo consists of hot pot, rice and a drink for $11.99.  The dinner combo is the hot pot and rice for $12.99.  Enjoy my pics below and feel free to check out their full menu:  Boiling Point.

Boiling Point Side Dish - Fermented Tofu (Stinky Tofu)

Boiling Point Side Dish - Sliced Pork

Boiling Point Hot Pot - Korean Bean Paste

Boiling Point Hot Pot - House Special

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