Friday, February 17, 2017

Fitness Friday - North Vancouver Walking Tour

It is great to have visitors come to town because that is an excuse to show them around.  That is when I learned that walking and sightseeing is good exercise.  Of course I also love taking photos of nature and the scenery.  

Here's the North Vancouver Walking Tour that I did on Family Day.

Meet at Waterfront Skytrain Station and take the Seabus to North Vancouver.  On a sunny day the view from the seabus is scenic especially if you get a front row seat.  It is a fun experience for those who have never been on a sea bus.  

The first stop is Lonsdale Quay which is right at the seabus terminal.  Walk up the stairs to the very top of the Quay sign for amazing views.  I had to fight my fear of heights to get to the very top.  Luckily they had good railing and it is still less scary that Capilano Suspension Bridge.  

After seeing the view we ventured inside Lonsdale Quay to look at the shops that are inside and grabbed a warm drink.  This was before the start of the walk to Waterfront Park and along Spirit trail which is along the marina with views of North Vancouver house boats.

When you are finished walking along this side, then it is time to retrace your steps and return to Lonsdale Quay.  From there you can walk along the docks at the Shipyards on the other side.  There is a long dock that you can walk along to give you beautiful views of Vancouver.  We were lucky to walk along at sunset and witnessed gorgeous skylines.  It was picture perfect for visitors from out of town.  

Fitness doesn't always have to fast, sometimes, it is good to take a moment to be present, walk around and see the scenery that surrounds us.  

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