Saturday, January 03, 2015

Vancouver Restaurant: Secret Location

Dear Vancity Girlfriends,

Now when my girlfriend first asked me to get ready for brunch and we'll go to a Secret Location, I was a bit excited but also scared.  How was I supposed to get there if she wasn't going to tell me the address.  So I asked "Are you going to pick me up?"  At that time she replied "I'll let you know the night before."  How curious, this was going to be.  But a part of me was scared of the unknown.  If she doesn't tell me until the night before, will that give me enough time to figure out the directions and how to transit there.  I sneakily asked my other girlfriend who was joining us to see if she got more information than me.  
"Do you know the Secret Location?"  I asked.
"Google it," she answered.  Will google give me the answer?  How odd is that.  So I did what she said and put Secret Location in Google.  

Try it!  Google Maps Secret Location

My "AHA" moment arrived.  ROFL (Rolling on the floor laughing).  Secret Location was the name of the restaurant in Gastown in Vancouver, BC.  So there is no detective adventure, it was plainly told and I interpreted it as a mystery.  How life goes.

So we all went and met at the Secret Location for lunch one afternoon.  It was a rainy day so when I arrived my rain jacket definitely did not match the decor.  Walking into the Secret Location, is like walking into a fancy hotel that has been untouched or a fancier version of an IKEA showroom.  I'm not sure which.  My complimentary bright orange Metropolis umbrella seemed out of place so I shoved that in the umbrella jar at the entrance.  The restaurant was pristine and classic.  We were seated on a comfy couch by the window with large drapery curtains and a sparkling chandelier behind us.  The hostess even offered to put our jackets coat check which I heartily agreed to because my wet jacket seemed a bit out of place in the Secret Location.  The service was excellent as they immediately offered us sparkling or still water.  I also ordered a Vanilla Earl Grey Misto to warm me up from the rainy weather and that was a brilliant choice.  It was amazingly delicious.  For lunch two of us had the Sirloin burger and one had the Cubano sandwich.  Unfortunately for my friend the egg and wild mushroom dish was already sold out.  Their daily soup which was lobster and corn soup that day tempted me at $8 each but that was a small plate and I wanted a big one to fill me up for lunch.  The juicy sirloin burger did the job.  I can see why people would go to the Secret Location to catch up with friends over coffee or tea.  The decor is beautiful and elegant.  Time can stop even for a moment over lunch in the Secret Location and then once it's over, it's time to put on your jacket and step back out in the rain.      

Secret Location - Cubano Sandwich $17

Secret Location - Sirloin Burger $17
Pristine Secret Location in Gastown

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